Friday, February 18, 2011

Having a Point of View

If you don't have a point of view, you won't know what you don't stand for, and so you'll be tempted to try and do everything, because "no" won't be in your vocabulary. Trying to appeal to everyone by playing in the mushy middle not only will make you less appealing over the long haul...

(from Always Have a Strong Point of View - Metacool).

Not sure where I picked up this idea: a slogan is only useful if someone, somewhere, might say the opposite. Otherwise you're not saying anything, especially anything that sets you apart from anyone else. The point is to set oneself apart from everyone else. For example, FedEx is using "The World On Time" as their slogan, and another parcel delivery service could theoretically use "In Town, Slowly."

Johnny Depp mostly plays the "dark outcast with a gift" and another actor could play the "inept, sunny person who fits in." Matt Damon may play the "exceptionally gifted man, coming to terms with his gift" and perhaps Ray Romano plays the "normal guy who's at peace." What do you think?


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