Friday, October 15, 2010

Headshot Picture Backgrounds

On twitter I asked for options on what the background of a headshot picture should be, and here are some of the replies (in no particular order):

Brick Entertainment (talent agent)
we like b/g's that r out of focus & contrast w/ur hair, skin tone, clothing. so u don't blend in & get lost in a thumbnail pic
David Ross Headshots (headshot photographer)
depends. colors that make your eyes and skin tone pop, as well as colors that are web friendly. most casting is online now
Lara Holmes (talent agent)
I prefer plain, neutral backgrounds. Anything else is too distracting.
Act One Talent (talent agent)
What color headshot bkgrnd b < solid color not distracting, varies for actor colors and clothing. Lighter usually better
Valerie Chiovetti (talent agent)
~Bright, light background! No dark - unless you're a blonde - otherwise you blend into the backdrop and look like a floating head

As this small sampling suggests, opinions differ. However, colors working well with the actor and wardrobe, not being distracting and making for a good thumbnail seem to be common themes. Any thoughts? Please leave a comment.

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this posted by David August at 3:54 PM 

comments: What I have found as the most effective method is to make each headshot look like a actual closeup on a television show or motion picture movie. Casting directors seem to really respond to these types of shots. This is often accomplished by using a long lens which blurs the background.

Further, color and lighting in the background should enhance the actors skin tone and eye color.

Michael Roud
Michael Roud Photography

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I've been writing an entire series of posts on my 'actor' blog about my recent headshot shoot. Come on over and check 'em out!
The blog scrolls in reverse chronological order, though...

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