Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Retouching Photos

Actors may photoshop their pictures sometimes, but casting expects actors to arrive looking like their pictures. While some retouching may cover things that only happened on the day of the photo-shoot, actors who cannot reproduce what the computer makes them look like will disappoint casting, who expects what the picture shows them. I've never retouched my pictures. Have you, will you? Please comment with your thoughts.


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this posted by David August at 4:49 PM 

comments: Retouch things like that one flyaway hair or a pimple that you normally don't have. Leave "flaws" that you have every day. Less = more in most things, including retouching.

# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 10:38 PM  

Retouching should be natural and never take out major skin blemishes that you actually have. One should be careful of smoothing the skin too much as well. You should look your age in the photo and casting directors can tell when a photo has been retouched too much.

Further, there is nothing worse than going to audition and not looking like your photo due to the shot or the retouching.

# posted by Blogger Michael Roud Photography : 11:22 PM  

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