Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Top 5 Things to Ask an Agent

@agentadvice, a theatrical agent (film/tv), earlier today posted this answer to "What are the top 5 things to ask when meeting with a potential agent?"

  1. Background of the agent & agency- Know who is representing you. Sometimes an internet search can answer some of these, but always good to hear firsthand the history of the company, the agent's resume (hey- they're evaluating yours! why not do the same in return!). What other agencies they've worked for? What companies the agency has strong relationships with?
  2. What's their roster look like? Who do they have on a series, what projects are their clients currently doing? What's in the woodwork? If no client on a series, is there a steady stream of recurring & guest stars? Is the bulk of their clients working actors or development? Where do you fit in to the roster? Are there others that fit your type? Size up the competition within the agency. You're competing against them just to be submitted/pitched! What's the frequency of taking actors to the next level?
  3. How does the agent see you? Ask them what they think your age range is, what ethnicities you can play, etc. They're the ones that will be submitting & pitching you, so you should know what they're going to see you as!! Also, be prepared 2 hear what age someone else believes you as, and not what you think you can play.
  4. As an agency, what sets them apart from the others? Just as they will ask to know what casting directors know you, feel free to ask what CDs know them! Do they regularly pitch directly to CDs or to their associates? DO THEY CALL & PITCH!
  5. What is the game plan with me? Ask for realistic goals & be ready for truthful and honest answers. Now, keep in mind, the delivery of these questions & reception to the answers they give are important as well. If I'm sitting down with a client who clearly is going to be developmental, I'm gonna scoff to myself if they honestly expect to get generals w/ studio casting execs. Just remember- they are interviewing you & you are interviewing them. The weight of your & their name value depends on how the scales tip.

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