Friday, August 07, 2009

SAG Ballot Mailed for Basic Cable Live Action Agreement

The SAG Basic Cable Live Action Agreement ballot has been mailed.

In this proposed contract, a production made for new media, based on an existing basic cable television motion picture, pays no residuals for the first 13 weeks of free to consumer streaming and the first 26 weeks on consumer pay platforms. In the first year after the end of the 13 or 26 weeks of streaming, for each 6 months it pays only $20 or $25 in residuals (for programs up to 10 minutes and programs more than 10 minutes respectively). After the first window plus the a year, it pays 6% of distributor’s gross receipts thereafter, I imagine split evenly among the actors.

It is worth noting that, like the recently ratified TV/Theatrical Agreements, this new contract does not raise pay 3% as claimed; it only keeps up with inflation since 2007 (Dept. of Labor data).

Disclosure: I am both a SAG Actor and a SAG signatory producer.

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