Monday, May 05, 2008

Timothi Jane Graham post 3: Branding You

Los Angeles Photographer Timothi Jane Graham guest blogs. Read her earlier posts: 1 2
Smart actors will very early on recognize and develop their brand. Once they have made their mark, then they can step out of the box and show different sides of themselves. But early on they build on that brand. Actors who come to mind are: Jack Nicholson, the man is a walking brand. He may play different types of roles, but you always see Jack..that's how strong a brand he has... the same with Angelina Jolie. The woman is sexy, edgy, vulnerable. Those are the roles she plays, has always played. From an early age it was clear she understood that about herself and her career and she put it out there loud and clear. A final case in point is George Clooney. What does he play? Credible, smart, charming but a man who wants to make a difference and bucks the system with charm and grace. We can see, with his political activism, that these are views he holds in the real world, he has a strong sense of that and he lets that read. In other words he brings HIMSELF to the table. And isn't that what it's all about, bringing you to the table, you in your many facets and incarnations. But its still you, your brand, and that's where you will find your success!! Next time we will explore how we can bring your special and unique brand into your one of a kind headshot.

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