Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Timothi Jane Graham post 2: Branding Intro

Los Angeles Photographer Timothi Jane Graham guest blogs. Read her earlier post: 1
Knowing and understanding your brand is, from a marketing standpoint, one of the most important elements in an actor's business arsenal. Your brand is that vibe that makes you you. It is that first impression you give when you walk thru the door. It is your quality, your energy and it is your commodity. I have had so many actors come to me for headshots who have very little awareness of their brand. This takes an ability to look at yourself objectively and honestly and know where you are going to make your money. Yes, a well trained actor should be able to push those boundaries with vocal and dialect changes, a change in physicality, in movement etc. etc. but when you are first starting out and all a casting director or agent can go on is who they see before them... it is important to know who and what that is and embrace it, enhance it, market it... that is your money. Agents and casting directors are business people... most have business or law degrees. They deal in absolutes, not creativity. When you own your product and have confidence in it, so will they. It is the law of the universe.

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