Friday, April 04, 2008

Timothi Jane Graham: guest blog 1

Over the next few months, Los Angeles Photographer Timothi Jane Graham will cover the process of branding, look, choosing a photographer, preparing for the shoot, the shoot itself and then how to put together the layout of your headshot to make it work for you. Keep in mind these are her ideas, and no matter how good they are, always do your own research and investigation; caveat actor.
The LA actor's life gives new meaning to the word competitive. With more actors per square mile than any place on the planet you have to stay on the cutting edge of all aspects of your career. An LA actor's headshot is a very important element. It is your calling card. An invitation to the event that is you. And before you walk thru the door it does... and in many cases it is your admission ticket. I think the problem with alot of actor headshots today is that they lack authenticity and they play it way too safe. I see headshot after headshot of actor's in the same sunlit loft, brick wall or the ever popular rag rolled taupey backdrop. The makeup and hair is nice enough, the wardrobe choices are safe and tepid and they basically say nothing about you or what you are selling. They instead scream out "actor looking for job." There are photographers that specifically shoot actors in a neutral way... a blank canvas if you will. The idea being casting folk will have the creativity to see you in many ways. I am not of that school of thought. I feel the actor's headshot should have the look of an artist who has arrived. Don't forget most casting people and agents have business and law degrees. They are not creatives or artists so don't expect them to think like one. They most probably will not try to imagine anything at all so it's up to you to show it to them.
Timothi Jane Graham is a bicoastal Los Angeles and New York based photographer specialising in actor headshots and portraits. She has worn many hats. As a former actress, model and classical dancer she has a very unique approach to the art of headshot photography.

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comments: As someone who used to be very involved in casting, I couldn't agree more about standing out from the vast majority of bland, generic headshots. My one caveat is not to go too far in the other direction in order to stand out - that can say "pretentious" just as surely as a generic one says "newbie".

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