Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Casting 'Actors' vs Characters

When I'm hiring people for a show, I know what I need and want.
And that is ALL I'm looking for.
When it comes to people who appear on-screen, I almost never need an actor.
I need a homeless man with a Harvard education. I need a mother of three who is accused of murder. I need a hapless hero with red hair. I need a villain who's willing to kill kittens and eat lard.
So, while you are trying to sell me an actor, I'm not paying much attention to you, because I have a show to get on - and I need characters.
Which means ... your product should be a character.
You may have the range to do anything we throw at you ... but we'll never know that unless you get on the soundstage with us.
(from Bob Fraser's MySpace blog).

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