Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Joining SAG

Vivek left a comment on my WGA on Strike post suggesting that actors don't join SAG, or even AFTRA, until the strike's called off. I see what he is saying and the timing of the comment (and the strike) is interesting to me because I'm planning to join SAG tomorrow.
  1. At this point in my career it makes sense for me to be SAG.
  2. Joining makes sense for any actor when it really makes sense for them both personally and professionally. One can always come up with a reason to delay (e.g., WGA strike, a specific audition, DGA contract is up, etc.). If I delay based on the WGA strike, would I delay until the DGA has a new contract? Would I delay further, all the way until SAG has a new contract?
  3. The SAG contract isn't up until June, and hopefully will be negotiated without any strike at all. That's a long time during which one can work SAG jobs (though yes, some may disappear without working writers during their strike).
Also, keep in mind that SAG will likely treat non-union as they have before and the WGA is now:
The Guild does not have the authority to discipline non members for strike breaking and/or scab writing. However, the Guild can and will bar that writer from future Guild membership (WGA strike rules, #13).
Even working "non-union" writing jobs during this strike likely needs WGA's blessing/approval if one wants to be able to join the WGA in the future. I think the same would be true of SAG during a strike; you can't cross the picket line and hope to join the union later.


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