Friday, October 06, 2006

Thad Taylor Has Past Away

Thad Taylor, long time manager of The Globe Playhouse in West Hollywood, past away yesterday afternoon.


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this posted by David August at 11:42 AM 

comments: My wife and I were married at the Globe in 1989. We loved Thad and we will miss him very much. He was a visonary who never had the capitol to realize his larger dreams, but the accomplishments he was able to make, his contributions to the arts, were greater than he believed, and the people whose lives he touched are all the richer for their knowing him.

# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 1:25 AM  

Hi. I just found out about Thad's passing today.... I'm a lighting designer and the Globe was where I lit my first play (Taming of the Shrew in 1977). I honed some of my chops there lighting 4 other plays there (one of them Thad's uncut version of Hamlet). I am stunned and saddend to learn of his passing! He was a scholar on Shakespear and a wonderful man to know.. He will be missed!

# posted by Blogger Velocity90 : 6:57 PM  

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