Saturday, May 20, 2006

New Commercial Trend: Content Wraps

The CW also announced its plan for advertiser and viewer friendly commercial breaks, called Content Wraps (or CW, get it? yeah.). Content Wraps are available to advertisers as content-driven, CW-produced "programming" that one advertiser can sponsor. Within this two-minute pod, which will air two or three times during the course of the evening, a story will unfold. In the unfolding of that story, the characters are also using, engaging in or somehow showcasing the advertisers product. For instance, if it's on Wednesday during America's Next Top Model, the advertiser may be Clairol. Whatever the story content, the characters are using Clairol products. While Bill Morningstar and Dawn Ostroff of The CW say the advertiser response to the project has been wholly positive, they do not have any signed clients yet to speak of
(from Cynopsis).

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