Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Casting Calls: Where to Find Auditions/Casting Notices (or Post Them)

The first 2 are the most legitimate and useful.

Actors Access/Breakdown Express
Has the real advantage of being tied in with 'The Breakdowns' and therefore already a part of the work lives of Casting Directors, Agents and Managers. Actors Access is the Talents' site, and Breakdown Express is Casting Directors' and Representatives' site. Browsing the audition notices is free for talent, but self-submitting costs $2 a submission (they are free if you buy/bought a Showfax account [which allows you to access the sides/copy for auditions]). Adding new or additional pictures is less expensive than LA Casting.
LA casting
Has good listings, but I find the interface a little harder to use/more time consuming than Actors Access.
Now Casting
The most pricey of these big three online submission services; there is a monthly fee for self-submissions.
Also for international film and TV production (not just LA and the US, mandy.com includes listing for crew/staff positions as well as audition/casting notices). The ability to search listings is quite good, and it is, I think, completely free (ad supported).
The staple in offline audition and acting job notices, the audition listings are now available online (for a fee).
Free, and varied (e.g., includes 'adult' projects).

While I think this info is accurate, I could be wrong, and I'm also not vouching for nor endorsing any of these resources; caveat actor (or casting director).

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