Saturday, April 01, 2006

How to Cut Back on Stress

  1. Be passionate - About how your work improves people's lives
  2. Be clear - About precisely how you provide that value
  3. Stay focused - On what customers truly care about
  4. Communicate unceasingly - Your passion, vision and strategy
  5. Stay tuned in - To the rapid and endless changes in today's marketplace
  6. Be kind - If you want your people to be kind
  7. Stop lying - To your people, shareholders, customers and, especially, yourself
  8. Trust others - Which is not the same as telling them what to do (see #7 above)
  9. Give back - To customers, employees, the needy, and the environment [the audience is our customer, agents and publicists are examples of our employees]
  10. Take risks - Brand is a verb, not a noun [our names are our brands]

by Tom Asacker of a clear eye


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